Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Large Love: A Few Reasons Why We Are Adopting A Child

All families are not called to adopt. But all families are called to support adoption. James 1:27 says that true believers are to care for orphans and widows in need. There are over 130 million orphans in the world today. Most of them will never have a family of their own. They will never have a dad and a mom love them unconditionally. They will never sit down at a dinner table, hold hands with their family, and pray to the God who hears.

For the glory of God and as a practical response to the gospel of Jesus Christ, my wife and I have started the international adoption process with America World Adoption. God willing, we will adopt a child from Ethiopia. Here are just a few of the reasons why we are making this sacrifice and pursuing this joy:

-we want to show God's compassion for the weak and helpless.
-we want to be doers of the Word and not merely hearers.
-we want to reflect the heart of the God who has adopted us in Christ.
-we want to be part of the plan of God to fill the earth with His glory.
-we can't raise all orphans in a godly home, but we can raise 1.
-we want our pro-life commitments to be more than just an ideology.
-we want to be an example to inspire and encourage others to adopt.
-we don't want to waste our short lives.
-we want to love as we have been loved: unconditionally.

Here is John Piper explaining why adoption is so phenomenally big and important:

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